HP Storage

STORAGE NEEDED in Hertfordshire!

The Hoddesdon Players, which my Mum and Dad are members of, are losing their warehouse space in Cheshunt soon and are desperately looking for a new place to store their sets, props and costumes.

Three dramatic societies use the space and it has been invaluable to the local performing arts scene. Many of you who have worked on my short films will know how much help we’ve got from the Hoddesdon Players over the years and will have seen the very impressive organisation and space that housed such an amazing collection of clothes, objects and sets. Lots of this will have to go if they can’t find another space.

The warehouse was kindly given for free, which was very lucky as the societies wouldn’t be able to afford to hire somewhere, especially not at commercial rates. Without kindnesses like this theatre, especially local theatre, really struggles.

Does anyone have any space or know of someone who might have some? Warehouse? Lock ups? Even land on which temporary structures could be built?

Also, any costume designers or production designers out there – do you have storage? Maybe you could take some of the clothes, sets or props from them with an agreement to lend it back should they need it for their plays?
Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you for reading.